About Behruz d.o.o.

BEHRUZ d.o.o.
Savska cesta 38
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 617 6424
VAT Number: 67563895588

Company Behruz d.o.o. is engaged in the acquisition of original handmade carpets: Persian, as well as hand-made carpets from other countries. Our permanent store is located in Zagreb, Savska cesta 38, Croatia.

All carpets and rugs exposed in the shop, are also exhibited in this web shop. In order to facilitate selection of handmade carpets, we have prepared the following information:

1. To create a quality carpet, quality material has to be used aswell (wool, cotton, silk), knowledge and experience in dyeing wool, and the tradition of handmade carpets.

High-quality wool is trimmed lamb or sheep whose wool thread is not thicker than 35 microns, trimmed in the fall (because during the spring and summer animals are grazing fresh grass, so they grow better wool).

Lower quality or poor quality wool are the ones trimmed in the spring (in the fall and winter animals eat dry grass), also the so-called dead  wool which is chemically removed from the skin of dead animals are bad quality, and ofcourse all the wool which the thread is thicker than 40 microns.

2. When buying a carpet from manufacturers, you should always be carefull about the country of origin. Because of the tradition in the processing of wool, the complexity of the draft (pattern), and the excellence and precision in making carpets, the best carpets are produced in Iran, ( Persian carpets) , followed by Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Afghanistan, etc.

The number of knots that carpet have, depends from which provice is made and how thick the wool is. The back of the carpet must be precise and neat. Less complex motives of nomadic tribes which are made of thick wool have fewer knots, and can be build faster, (1 square meter for 1 month to 6 months). Thin carpets made from silk, with a complex pattern with many colors, whose production has artistic value may take to 24 months for 1 square meter.

3. High-quality wool before painting has to be washed 24 times, to remove surface fat, and could better absorb the natural color that is more stable than artificial colors.
The best rugs are colored with natural colors.

Persian carpet is made from quality wool and colored with natural colors. Therefor, they can be perfectly maintained by washing with water without fear of overflow and mixing colour on the carpet. The carpet must be drained and later dried on a flat surface.

Hand-made carpets of other manufacturers is best not to soak, wash. It is better to clean them in specialized services for surface cleaning carpets that are available in Croatia.

Quality carpet with these characteristics can’t have a very cheap price, so if you encounter too cheaply handicrafts, it is better not to buy them.

4. In our shop, as well as the web shop you can find a great selection of original Persian carpets (different patterns and thickness), then the extra quality Afghan carpets, rugs and Indian Kashmir, and Pakistan and also from other countries that have a tradition of handmade carpets. We also have a large selection of original Persian kilims,  various technique of weaving and embroidery.

5. All carpets and rugs in our offer are original hand-crafted, made by all the rules of the profession, and procured from trusted manufacturers.

6. Handmade rugs are distinguished by many characteristics: some are nomadic, made ​​the nomadic tribes who made ​​carpets without a draft, and move at the same time. Some are rustic, made ​​in rural households, according to traditional patterns. Because of the specificity of these types of weaving handmade rugs, are characterized by differences in shading color irregularities in the sample or uneven edges. These carpets are not in error, but that way from the nomadic way of where the wool is not coloured all at once but gradually, so the shades are different. Or rustic rugs that do not have a draft patterns, and these effects are very characteristic of these rugs, and confirm their authenticity.

Some carpets are produced in small workshops, some in large workshops. These carpets have plans for a pattern and color. Extra fine rugs are made in the studio, where highly skilled craftsmen make ​​carpets of artistic value with complicated designs and accurately defined shades. For these carpets do not appear above-mentioned discrepancies.

However, the differences between the images on the screen and real carpets and rugs may be slightly different in reality because of the screen brightness, color intensity, and/or screen resolution  on your monitor. Also it is important to know that the perception of color on the screen differs from the perception of the carpet in reality.